wrongfully terminated in kentucky

You should never be fired for an illegal or otherwise wrongful reason. If you think you were wrongfully terminated from your position, you have rights that you can exercise. By speaking with a qualified Kentucky wrongful termination lawyer, you can discover what rights you have and the next steps you should take.

The skilled Kentucky employment lawyers at Abney Law will analyze your situation and walk you through the next steps. We have represented countless Kentucky employees in wrongful termination cases. Our team provides comprehensive representation while we seek compensation for you.

What Is Wrongful Termination in Kentucky?

To help you know what steps you should take, you should know what wrongful termination is. Employees that are considered “for cause” or contracted employees may have been unjustifiably fired for many reasons. Your employer may have terminated your contract early and without good reason. They may also have discriminated against you or harassed you in some way.

For at-will employees, employers are allowed to fire you for any reason that is not illegal or against Kentucky’s public policy. Employers cannot fire at-will employees for illegal reasons such as:

  • Discriminating based on race, color, sex, gender identity, nationality, and other protected traits
  • Reasons that violate the Kentucky public policy exception
  • For utilizing your rights under the Family Medical Leave Act or other legal time off of work
  • As retaliation for reporting misconduct, legal violations, or harassment
  • When the firing breaches your employment contract
  • For pursuing a valid workers’ compensation claim
  • Due to whistleblowing

These and many other reasons may constitute wrongful termination depending on your circumstances. If you think you were wrongfully terminated, an employment law attorney can help you figure out your legal rights.

Next Steps After You Were Wrongfully Fired

You were fired, and you think it was wrongful.  What are your next steps?  First, you do not have to know for sure if your firing was illegal. You know whether the circumstances are suspicious or at least you think your firing might be illegal. Whether you feel sure or unsure, you should consult an experienced attorney right away. There are many nuances to these situations, and it is best to consult a lawyer. Never assume there is nothing you can do if you feel you were wrongfully terminated.

In addition to speaking with an attorney, you should take the following steps to help your wrongful termination case:

  • Keep Records of All Communications: Keep every communication you have with your employer. This means direct messages, emails, phone voicemails, or whatever else you can think of. If you have a phone call with a person, take notes immediately after the conversation about what was discussed to help your memory.
  • Never Admit Fault: Your employer may allege you committed some error or wrongful act as justification for firing you. Do not admit fault without first speaking to your attorney. You may be tricked into admitting something that could affect you later.
  • Identify Witnesses: Write down the names and contact information of witnesses who were involved in your firing. This could mean your supervisors, fellow employees, or anyone else who witnesses an event that could be related to your termination.

Take the Next Steps After a Wrongful Termination

You have rights after a wrongful termination under both federal and Kentucky state law. By speaking with a qualified wrongful termination lawyer, you can learn what those rights are and what steps you should take next. You could be entitled to restoration of your employment, financial compensation, and much more.Let the skilled employment law attorneys at Abney Law consider your case. We battle for employee rights and help you fight back after a wrongful termination. Contact us today for a consultation of your case.