Gender Discrimination Attorney Louisville KY

The attorneys at Abney Law are experienced in fighting gender discrimination in the workplace.

Whether you’re applying for your first job or you are up for that long-awaited promotion at work, you deserve to be evaluated on your experience, performance, and ability to do the job — not your gender.

gender discrimination

The Kentucky Civil Rights Act and Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Act make gender discrimination illegal.  It is a violation of the law for employers to treat their employees differently or unfairly based on the employee’s sex or gender.  These laws mean that it is illegal for your employer to pay you differently, give you undesirable assignments, hold you to higher workplace standards, refuse to hire or promote you, or otherwise treat you unfairly because of your sex or gender.

Recent studies have shown that a woman working full-time in the U.S., on average, earns $0.79 for every $1.00 made by a man.  This wage gap only increases for women of color and the disabled.  Laws like the federal Equal Pay Act and Kentucky’s equal pay laws make it illegal to pay an employee less just based on sex or gender.  

Sexual harassment is also considered to be a form of gender discrimination because sexual harassment is almost always sex or gender-based.

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