Nurse Whistleblower Claims Attorney Louisville KY

Kentucky law provides safeguards for ensuring that the quality of patient care remains a high priority in the state. The Kentucky Patient Safety Act protects any healthcare worker who blows the whistle by making a report about the quality of patient care or patient safety.

Healthcare workers are critical members of Kentucky’s workforce. They provide invaluable services to those of us in need of quality medical care, and they must be protected from retaliation when they report concerns about patient safety. 

nurse whistleblower claims

Do I Have to Make My Patient Safety Report in Writing to be Protected From Retaliation?

No, KRS § 216B.165(1) explicitly allows for patient safety reports to be made orally. However, it’s always smart to document reports or complaints like these in writing in case anyone ever questions whether you actually made a report.

If you are a member of the healthcare community and feel that you have been retaliated against for performing your duty to report safety concerns, contact the nurse whistleblower attorneys at Abney Law online or call at (502) 498-8585 for a free consultation with a lawyer.