Age Discrimination Attorney Louisville KY

The Kentucky Civil Rights Act and the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act make it illegal to treat someone differently in the workplace because of their age. Workers over 40 years old are protected from discrimination and harassment in the workplace based on age.  

age discrimination

Like many forms of illegal discrimination, discrimination based on age can often be subtle and take on a variety of forms, including:

  • Denial of employment/hiring someone just because they are younger
  • Making jokes or unwanted comments based on age
  • Assignment of undesirable or demeaning tasks only to older people
  • Lower pay for the same work
  • Denial of training, education or other benefits to older people
  • Making a job harder to encourage someone to quit
  • Reduction in forces/layoffs that disproportionately affect older people
  • Terminations that affect older people disproportionately as well as policies that provide training, educational benefits, and other benefits only for younger workers may be discriminatory.

Age discrimination cases can be difficult to litigate, particularly in a reduction in force or mass layoff scenario.  Courts have recognized that older members of the workforce naturally exit the workforce in a number higher than younger employees and, therefore, sometimes hold age discrimination claims to a higher standard than other forms of discrimination.   The attorneys at Abney Law are experienced at analyzing and litigating complex discrimination claims.

If you think you’ve been denied an employment opportunity because you are over 40 or you’ve otherwise been discriminated against based on your age, contact the attorneys at Abney Law online or call (502) 498-8585.