Court Admissions

United States District Court, Southern District of Indiana

Kelly M. Parry


Even before I became a lawyer, I wanted to give people a voice against the powerful and remedy the injustices they experience. I know the only way to get results is to be ready to fight, so I have spent my career honing my litigation and negotiation skills in order to be a relentless advocate through every stage of the Case.

During my time as a public defender, I met people who were suffering through most traumatic event they had ever experienced and were scared and overwhelmed. I know that when someone needs a lawyer, that person is experiencing a difficult, emotional time in his or her life and needs someone to help navigate those troubled waters. With that understanding, each case begins by focusing on each client’s unique experiences and needs. For me, the client’s story is the centerpiece of every case.

I am an experienced litigator and with a record of success with jury trials. As a public defender, I tried sixteen felony charges and won acquittals for fifteen of those charges. These jury trials don’t quantify the successes that came from advocacy and litigation before the need for a trial, but each victory in and out of the courtroom was won by ensuring my client was always my focus.

I come from a middle-class family in central Indiana. My father spent his career in the auto industry up until the recession. My mother is a high school teacher. I have seen firsthand what happens when corporations act irresponsibly at the expense of employees and the helplessness of when an employer forces unfair practices on its employees.

My parents taught me that standing up for what’s right is more important than being popular. This advice led me first to criminal defense. I stood up next to people who were accused of crimes with the belief that every person needs quality representation and deserves to have a voice. Now, in addition to my criminal defense practice, that advice has led me to representing plaintiffs in gender discrimination, sexual harassment, race discrimination, disability discrimination, wage dispute, retaliation, police brutality, and unlawful arrest cases, among many others.