Court Admissions:

United States District Court, Western District of Kentucky
United States District Court, Eastern District of Kentucky
United States District Court, Southern District of Indiana


Georgetown College, B.A., Communications and Media Studies
DePaul University College of Law, J.D.

Jeremiah W. Reece


I am a Kentucky attorney dedicated to protecting the rights of all Kentucky employees. I handle all aspects of litigation in the employment context, from negotiation and settlement to trial and appeal. I fight hard to ensure that employees who have been wronged by their employers are compensated fully for the damages they have suffered.

I was born and raised in the city of Louisville, into a working, middle-class home. Growing up, I was taught the value of hard work and sacrifice, and in my early adulthood, worked a number of jobs to get by. I’ve worked in construction, landscaping, production, and in the service industry. I’ve worked 10 hour days on the line, sun-up to sundown digging and planting trees, and have pulled double shifts waiting tables into the early hours of the morning. I know the effort Kentucky workers put into their jobs, because I’ve been there before.

Immediately before entering into the legal field, I took a position working in Kentucky’s political arena. Through that experience, I was able to spend a good deal of time in all areas of the Commonwealth, and became acquainted with the many diverse citizens Kentucky calls its own. During this time, I was able to observe the struggles that many of Kentucky’s workers face at their jobs every day, whether it be equal treatment, fair pay, harassment, or discrimination. It amazed that these problems still existed, and much more so that little was truly being done to remedy these situations.

My experience in politics led me to two conclusions: (1) that the slick, mudslinging environment of the political field was not for me; and (2) that too often the rights of Kentucky’s workers are ignored, or worse yet, knowingly trampled upon. I decided to do everything possible to put a stop to that, and to help right the wrongs that are constantly being committed against the hardworking men and women of this state every day.

Now, I take on employers who unlawfully discriminate against persons based on their race, sex, ethnicity, national origin, age or disability. I also proudly stand up for clients who have been retaliated against for reporting discrimination or harassment, providing a voice for them where they were once ignored. I believe that every person has a right to work in an environment free from illegal harassment and discrimination - a belief that is supported by the laws of Kentucky and Federal Government - and I strive to protect and enforce that right for my clients.